The Feral Chicken Players Present:

Here's the basic setup of my comic (this is my business card - hence panel 8):

Below is the cast of Feral Chicken, in roughly the order of frequency. If you don't see a character, then they have probably only appeared once.


The Feral Chicken of the title, Sam is happy by default, but will defend his flock at the first sign of danger. His personality is a cross between Robinson Crusoe, Pooh Bear, and Jackie Chan. He shows an odd propensity for esoteric math.


Bill is the character who shows Sam around, provides expository remarks, helps get Sam out of trouble, and generally is the Friday to Sam's Crusoe. He's too patient at times, but is learning from Sam as much as he teaches.


Jumpy is a mouse though he is generally referred to as a Shmouse (a Mutts tribute), Jumpy is Sam's personal assistant. Jumpy is clearly the most popular character in the strip.

Faron the Cat

The Cat is the local predator, although he is currently in a truce with Sam and his friends, so that Bill can find a girlfriend and bring ducks back to the area.

El, the people

El, the people, is the newest addition to the cast. She can't talk to the animals (can you?), but she's fond of most fauna, so it all works out. She's a goth grrl who likes the outdoors.


Rodney is the a blue Heron, and is the tallest regular member of the cast. He's a good problem solver, though he can be a bit of a prankster.


A Scarlet King Snake (ha), she's not poisonous, but is still a reptile and a predator, although not generally large enough to threaten Bill or Sam. Enjoys constricting.


The members of Sam's flock, I haven't put a hard number on how many there are, although there are at least five. In general, they are the voice of reason and stability, representing the much put-upon wife/mother.


Chicks are the generally helpless props of the strip, with threats coming from all quarters. So cute!


The most feared reptiles in the lake, the Turtle mob has managed to dominate by working as a team and by encouraging a strong local mythology.


Austin is an annual visitor to the lake, usually around Thanksgiving. He's kind of a one-joke character, sort of like Lucy pulling the football away, or Calvin's babysitter. I'll have to see if I can keep working him inot the strip, since I like him.