Con Schedule:

Feral Chicken returns to the road in 2008 with a tentitive 7-8 cons planned:
Date          Con           Location
Feb 8-10      WTHcon        Greensboro, NC     (Guest)
March 14-16   StellarCon    High Point, NC     (Guest)
April 25-27   RavenCon      Richmond, VA       (Guest)
May 30-Jun 1  WW Philly     Philidelphia, PA    
Oct 4-5       SPX           Bethesda, MD

I took Feral Chicken on the road in 2007 and attended six cons:
Date          Con           Location
Feb 9-11      WTHcon        Greensboro, NC   ***Con Report!***
March 9-11    StellarCon    High Point, NC   ***Con Report!***
May 25-27     Animazement   Durham, NC       ***Con Report!***
June 15-17    HeroesCon     Charlotte, NC    ***Con Report!***
Aug 3-5       Trinoc*coN    Raleigh, NC
Oct 12-13     SPX           Bethesda, MD
I drove to all of these, and had a table or a half-table. I also went to DragonCon, but I wound up not doing Feral Chicken stuff, so meh. No con report for Trinoc*coN or SPX, as I was too tired. I'll try to do better next year!

Are there any cons I should consider that are not on this list? If so, email me!

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