My humble self.

Komejo is the online nickname of Josef J. Komenda. :-)


Josef J. Komenda was born in the wilderness of Southeastern Lower Michigan in the winter of nineteen hundred, three score and eight. When he was five years old, he wandered away from the small cabin his parents had made from old rusty Pontiacs, and got lost in the woods.

Cut off from civilization, he learned the secret language of the many small animals that lived there. Over time, his little friends grew weary of Joe's terrible human accent and his incessant desire to 'tidy up the forest a bit'. They led him to the nearest mall and abandoned him while he waited in a line to see the Easter Bunny.

Unable to find his way back, Joe was soon adopted by cruel Yorkshire terrier ranchers, who forced him to go to school, wear clothes, and become a QA engineer. All of this made Joe bitter and full of suppressed rage, and so he became a writer and cartoonist. He now spends his spare time telling the world about the deep, dark secrets of dog ranchers and those fair-weather friends in the woods.

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